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Emergency service is Jennifer's first love

Wednesday, 28 August 2013. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Emergency service is Jennifer's first love

Emergency service is Jennifer’s first love

By Brad Quarin

For the last 13 years, the focus of Jennifer Fisher Sundberg’s volunteer work has been Pincher Creek’s fire department and EMS.  As a result of the many hours she’s devoted over those years, she received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in April.

“I was surprised to receive it,” Jennifer says. “I’m very honoured to have received it, and it’s just nice to be recognized for the contribution I’m trying to make to the community.”

Once a provincial parks ranger, her related interest in public safety led her to Pincher Creek’s EMS after she came to the community in 1998.

She now works for the department full time, describing EMS as her “first love.”

“It’s challenging, helping people, serving the community,” Jennifer says. “We have a great opportunity to help a lot of people, it’s very rewarding that way.”

While mainly an EMT, she also serves the volunteer fire brigade as secretary-treasurer.

She helps co-ordinate various fundraisers, including bartending at weddings and offering ambulance standbys for rodeos. They also make donations, giving automated external defibrillators to The Community Hall and Heritage Acres. Additionally, the brigade purchases useful, but not mandatory, equipment for the Pincher Creek fire department and EMS.

Jennifer has served as secretary-treasurer for around 12 years. “I just thought it would be another way that I could help contribute to the department, and there was a need, so I stepped up,” she says.

Before her work in EMS, her volunteer work was with the Multiple Sclerosis Society, which supports MS patients and research. “I thought at the time [MS] needed some focus and some fundraising,” she says.

In 1999, she helped organize a walk in Pincher Creek, which was a success in raising funds for the MS cause.

Her service to the community has to be balanced with her demands as a mother, which can be a challenge.

She and her husband, Bryan Sundberg, have two children. Adam is 13 and Megan is nine, and both attend St. Michael’s School.

Jennifer is well regarded by her bosses, fire chief Dave Cox and his wife, deputy chief Marg Cox. Dave, who Jennifer says was her nominator for the Diamond Jubilee Medal, calls her a core person in the department.

“Jennifer’s a very meticulous person who’s dedicated to her family first and the department,” Marg says. “She’s extremely honest, dependable, the ideal co-worker. There’s nobody you’d rather be on a call with than somebody as dependable and solid as Jennifer. And as a friend, she’s a wonderful, caring person.”




From the Aug. 21/13 print edition of Shootin’ the Breeze. Photo by Brad Quarin

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