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Snow Day in Pincher Creek!

Wednesday, 02 November 2022. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Snow Day in Pincher Creek!
Snow continues to fall in the Pincher Creek area with another 10 to 30 cm (4 to 12 inches) expected by evening.

This photo, taken at 8 a.m. at the home of Breeze publisher Shannon Peace, shows an accumulation of 19 inches (48.25 cm) of white stuff west of Pincher Creek.

Environment Canda's snowfall warning indicates another 10 to 30 cm (4 to 12 inches) is expected by evening.

St. Michael's School in Pincher Creek is closed today due to inclement weather, bus cancellations, road closures and deteriorating road conditions.

Livingstone School in Lundbreck, and Napi's Playground Elementary School and Piikani Nation Secondary School in Brocket are also closed for the same reasons.

Canyon School, Matthew Halton High School and schools in Crowsnest Pass are open today, but no LRSD buses are running for Pincher Creek.

Highway 3 from Crowsnest Pass to Brocket, Highway 6 from Pincher Creek to Waterton and secondary highways in the area are reported by 511 as being snow and ice covered.

If you need to be on the road today, travel with care.

Feel free to share road condition updates on our social media post.